Fulfill the security needs of your PC or laptop by downloading, installing, and activating the Norton product now. The process explained below will help you download, install and activate a Norton antivirus program. To carry out the process, follow the step-by-step instructions below on norton.com/setup.


    What is Norton Product Key?


    The Norton product key is an essential code for Norton product activation. If you do not have a valid Norton product key, you can't activate the Norton product. The Norton product key is also known as the "Activation code." It includes 25 characters. The 25-character activation code is what a Norton buyer pays for. Keep it safe.


    Where do I Find My Norton Product Key?


    If you have bought your Norton product via online mode, you need to check your email address for the Norton product key. Online buyers receive it on their email address, while those who buy their Norton product from a retail store may see it on the retail card for their Norton product.


    Instructions to Sign Up for Norton Account


    Having a Norton account is essential if you want to download a Norton product. Unless you have a Norton account, you can't download the Norton setup. The process below will help you set up your Norton account. Follow the instructions.

    1. First, perform the process of connecting your computer to the internet.

    2. After that, you need to double-click on a web browser on your computer.

    3. After accessing the web browser, type norton.com/setup in the browser's URL bar and hit the Enter key.

    4. You will see the "Sign up" button on the page.

    5. As you click it, you will land on the sign-up page.

    6. On the same page, you are to fill In the details in the proper way.

    7. Read the agreement displayed on the screen and select the "Agree" button.

    8. Enter the username and password in the empty fields and then click on the Sign-in button.

    9. Your Norton account is ready!

    Instructions to Access Your Norton Account


    After setting up your Norton account, you can quickly access it by entering the username and password. We have explained the process below. Follow the instructions:

    1. Make sure that your system is connected to a stable internet connection.

    2. Launch any web browser on the system.

    3. Visit the Norton webpage.

    4. Choose the Sign-in option.

    5. Type the username and password for the account and click on the sign-in button.

    6. By following the process above, anyone can easily access their Norton account.

    How to Download and Install Norton Product

    A first-time buyer may face problems carrying out the process of downloading and installing the Norton. If you are facing the same situation, there is no need to worry! The whole process is explained below. Follow the steps.

    1. First, you need to go to the Norton setup page www.norton.com/setup.

    2. After landing on the page, enter the valid product key in the provided fields to sign in.

    3. If your Norton account already exists, you can choose the auto-renewal of Norton subscription.

    4. Click the "Get Started" button.

    5. Go through the agreement shown on the page and accept it by clicking the Accept button.

    6. Follow the step instructions as they appear on the screen.

    7. To download the Norton setup, you are to click on the Agree and Download button.

    8. You can choose more Norton products to install on your device, depending on your preference.

    9. Click the Next button.

    10. To download the Norton product on another device, click the "Send a download link."

    11. To complete the process, follow the step-by-step instructions that appear on the screen.

    How to Activate Norton on PC


    After you have gone through downloading and installing the Norton program, now is the time for you to activate it. Follow the instructions below.

    1. Double-click the Norton program to open it.

    2. After that, you need to click "My Norton."

    3. For successful activation of the Norton product, select the Activate Now.

    4. If you want to renew the subscription, click the Help and Account Information.

    5. Click the Product Key.

    6. Then, click Next and follow the directions displayed on the screen to finalize the activation.

    How to Download and Install Norton on Android

    Norton is also available for Android. If you want to protect your Android device with Norton's advanced security features, you can download, install and activate it on your Android device. Follow these steps.

    1. Make sure that your Android device is connected to the internet.

    2. Open the Google Play store and type "Norton Mobile Security and Antivirus" in the search bar on the top.

    3. When the app appears in the results, select and download it.

    4. When the download is complete, open the app by tapping on it.

    5. Read the agreement carefully and accept it.

    6. Your Android device is secure!